Our distinguishing advantages:

  1. Having eight brilliant years of experience in the field of design and manufacture of concentrating and solidifying equipment.
  2. Possessing technical knowledge and skills for manufacturing all types of drum flakers, belt granulators, hot drums, etc.
  3. Providing reasonable prices in comparison with foreign products.
  4. Mastering governing standards and requirements of different industries (chemical, petrochemical, food, and health) that should be considered in the design of machineries.
  5. Providing expert advices to customers for selecting the right fit and offering process solutions
  6. Using both scientific and software calculations along with experiences gained from previous machines.
  7. Providing valid and long-term guarantees.

Required methods and equipment for transforming liquid into solid particles:

Transformation of a liquid to solid particles (flakes – granule – powder – …) will happen in one of the following situations:

  • The liquid is in fact the molten form of the product. Therefore, heat absorption and formation processes are sufficient to obtain the desired product. In this case, a drum flaker is used to obtain the product in the form of flakes (crushed flakes) or a granulator to have it in the form of granules (lens-shaped). The melt can also be formed with regular shapes (coin, star, etc.) by means of “molding machines.”
  • The liquid is in fact a homogeneous solution consisting of a base solvent and the product. In this case, one of the following methods could be used:
    1. Concentration of the solution to a suitable extent and solidification in another machine. (For more inform. see the “products/concentrators” page).
    2. Simultaneous concentration and solidification are in one machine. This can be done using a spray dryer (to obtain soft powder) or fluidized bed tower (to achieve small spherical particles). In both cases, the solvent is vaporized by hot air flow.
  • The liquid is in fact a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture of a liquid and suspended solid particles. For example, a mineral slurry whose solid particles are separated from the water by a filter press.

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